Watch Out For Pest Infestations In These Parts of Your Home

Even if you believe that you own the most amazing home on the planet, this reputation can be easily tarnished if you have a pest infestation. Although it’s relatively common for people to have rodents within their homes, if these creatures are left to run riot throughout your property, it can cause a lot of negative consequences for your livelihood and home. As such, this article will list some of the most common places around the home where pests usually hide and also offer you a number of useful ways that you can build a successful pest control maintenance routine.

1. Roof

Though roofs are normally regarded as vast and impregnable structures, they can also be a key hiding place for an abundance of pesky rodents. Over time, roofs can suffer a collection of wear and tear, leaving them with a collection of small cracks and gaps that these creatures can climb through. Plus, the vast majority of modern roofs are fitted with a wealth of premium insulation, making these structures a warm and cozy hub for these creatures to inhabit. Thus, if you’re sick and tired of hearing these pests scattering around above you, it’s advised that you reach out to a local contractor so that you can discuss some applicable roof repairs. During this process, a talented roofer will strive to close up any entryways with a range of powerful silicone sealants, helping to keep these pests out for good. Sometimes, certain pests like rats and mice can gnaw their way through certain parts of your roof, making it vulnerable to even more damage and decay. If the roofer believes that these pests have ruined your structure beyond repair, they may suggest that you invest in a roof replacement. Admittedly, this process can be very expensive, with Forbes noting that it can cost $6,700 to $80,000, this home improvement task can offer you a variety of benefits in the long run. Not only can a new roof increase the value of your home, but it can also offer you a better sense of insulation, so you don’t have to keep on cranking up the heating during the winter months.

2. Broken Cupboards

Unless you’re determined to keep up with all of your home repairs, your property is bound to show a few flaws here and there. Although a set of broken kitchen cabinets or cupboards is typically nothing to worry about, these areas can be a key breeding ground for pests. A lot of people still continue to keep food in these cupboards, which can make them much more attractive to common pests such as moths and flies. Therefore, if you’re keen to build a stronger and more effective pest control maintenance routine, it’s vital that you fix any damaged doors in your home so that they don’t become a typical hideout for these creatures. Plus, a new set of kitchen cabinets can also help to brighten up the place, which is especially beneficial for those who want to take their kitchen to the next level and use it to serve up a plethora of delectable meals. These cabinets are usually produced in a number of different shapes and styles, so the price can differ greatly. However, Cliq Studios informs us that a new set of cabinets can cost anywhere from $2,500 to $24,000. As such, it seems that there is a range of options available for those with just about any type of budget.

3. Exterior

Though a lot of pests enjoy staying in the warm, a lot of creatures also revel in cold, damp environments. Thus, the exterior of your home can also be a significant spot for everyday pests. If you reside in an area that is known for its frequent rainstorms and high humidity levels, you may notice a series of small bugs appearing on the side of your house. These insects are quite common in the fall and could be either stink bugs, box elder bugs, or Western conifer seed bugs. Even though you could simply get rid of these pests by spraying the garden hose over the exterior of your house, it may not be much of a deterrent. Plus, some of these bugs can seriously damage your siding, leaving your property to suffer even more damage and rot. Thus, if you have any concerns about the overall condition of your exterior, it may be time to reach out to a siding installation service. Siding is available in a diverse selection of colors and styles, so this is a fantastic resource for those who want to give their home a new lease on life, whilst also extending its longevity. Lawn Starter states that this process can cost around $5,630-$17,388, but the national average usually sits at $10,693. As such, this is an affordable process for those who want to improve the look and feel of their properties as well as their past control maintenance routine.

4. Outdoor Patio Area

Having a chic outdoor patio area is seen as the epitome of luxury for many people, but if you don’t carry out a regular pest control maintenance routine, this space can become teeming with different types of woodworms. These creatures adore large stretches of damp wood, and sometimes wiggle their small bodies into the holes in the surface, causing the entire structure to appear ramshackle and frayed. In turn, by allowing these pests to make themselves at home in your patio area, you risk allowing your assets to fall into a state of disarray. Although you could try to implement a wealth of DIY hacks to help keep your patio area in good shape, you’re better off hiring a deck installation service to offer you a helping hand. Throughout this job, a contractor will remove the old pieces of wood and replace them with a range of stronger alternatives. These workers may also offer you some advice on how you can keep pests at bay, such as planting flowers that can help to repel these animals or using certain scented candles to keep the surrounding area clear. Bankrate explains that a new decking area can usually be installed for around $30 to $60 per square foot, so be sure to factor in these high costs when building a budget for your overall pest control maintenance schedule.

5. Garden

In spite of the fact that trees are often associated with nature, purity, and freshness, these structures can also become vulnerable to nasty pest infestations. Whether it’s a series of gypsy moths or Asian longhorn battles, these pests strive to spread harmful diseases across a number of common trees, leaving them to rot in your own backyard. Although this damage may seem insignificant at first, over time these issues can harm the foundation of the tree itself, which can eventually lead it to fall over or collapse. In turn, if you’re worried about the health of your trees and fear that they will fall and hurt someone, it’s important that you get in touch with a series of emergency tree services as soon as possible. These services can help to assess the overall health and longevity of your trees and also put you in touch with a number of tree removal services. Thus, you’re free to get rid of these mutilated trees before they get any worse. Not only can these services help you build a comprehensive pest control maintenance routine, but they’re also quite affordable for the common homeowner. According to Architectural Digest, tree removal services usually charge as little as $200 per tree all the way up to $2,000 per tree. Yet, the source notes that homeowners are typically expected to pay just $1,000 per tree. As such, for a small investment, you can continue to elevate the appearance of your backyard, without having to fret about being harmed by a diseased and unruly tree.

6. Floors

Your floorboards may seem pristine on the surface, but underneath they may be home to an assortment of unruly rests. Vermin will travel underneath your floorboards via your sewage system or through gaps in the surface of your floor. As such, these creatures are likely to be contaminated with a selection of bacteria and grime and will probably scatter this dirt all across the foundation of your home. If your floorboards are home to a group of lively rats or mice, you may be able to hear them running around, which can easily keep you up at night. Since these vermin may not be able to find their way out as easily as you would like, it’s good practice to contact a local flooring company so that you can discuss getting a replacement. These companies can help you choose from a wealth of desirable flooring options and can also install them in a very timely manner. Thus, in just a few days, you can get rid of these pests and enjoy a collection of shiny new floorboards. Although replacing your floorboards will likely cost a lot more than just simply restoring them, this process can be viewed as a great way to get your pest control maintenance routine back on track. Home Guide suggests that it costs around $4-$15 per square foot to have a new set of flooring installed, making this a relatively cost-effective way to stop pests from taking over your life.

7. Basement

In a similar vein to roofs, basements can attract a wide variety of household pests. These spaces tend to be filled with moisture build-up and dampness, which can make them the ideal breeding ground for bacteria and termites. Even though these insects are typically harmless and will not cause any damage to humans if they’re bitten, they can wreak havoc with the structure and foundation of your home. Termites actually have a peculiar diet that consists of a variety of cellulose-based items such as wood and insulation. Thus, these insects love nothing more than munching on your basement walls and floors. Plus, if this infestation gets out of hand, it can lead to an increase in damp spots around your home, which can lead to a lot of issues. These spots can cause a number of concerning health complaints in humans such as respiratory conditions, allergic reactions, and cognitive delays. It can cost a lot of money to repair your basement as the contractors will likely have to reseal the foundation of your entire home. Thus, it may be more cost-effective to hire a selection of pest control companies to help eliminate these termites. These companies will utilize an assortment of high-end equipment and pesticides to help get rid of these insects in a safe and timely fashion. Angi explains that this service will probably cost between $200-$600, which is quite cheap for those who are eager to improve their normal pest control maintenance routine.

8. Bedroom

Our bedrooms are meant to evoke a sense of tranquility and peacefulness, but if they’re infested with pests, it can have the complete opposite effect. These pests can appear on our windowsills, behind our beds, or even underneath the carpets, making these spaces prone to a lot of issues. Some homeowners may feel so overwhelmed by the number of bugs in their space that they no longer know where to turn. Thus, if you relate to this situation, you’re encouraged to reach out to some bug exterminator services right away. These services will pair you with a talented contractor who will be able to remove these bugs from your home using a range of state-of-the-art equipment and chemical solutions. Despite the benefits associated with this service, it should be noted that it can be pretty costly. According to Today’s Homeowner, this service will commonly set you back $400-$800 per session.

Keeping pests at bay is a crucial part of running a home, but alongside all of your other commitments, these tasks may fall by the wayside. As such, you put yourself at risk of more infestations, which can add to your usual stress and anxiety levels. Thus, if you’re keen to upgrade your typical pest control maintenance routine, consider implementing some of the advice and guidance discussed throughout this article.

  • January 31, 2024