Home Services That Help Prevent Pest Infestations

Pests can leave your home damaged and see you suffering a loss like you never imagined. That’s why you need to know the best way to keep the chances of a pest infestation minimal. In so doing, you can be assured of a safe and pest-free home that stays beautiful and functional year in, year out. A good pest control maintenance plan can make this the case for you, and here’s a handy guide of some of the services that you need to hire in order to make your pest control maintenance plan well-rounded and fully effective.

Home Restoration

The first home service that you need to add to your pest control maintenance plan is a home restoration service. With their assistance, you can keep your home in great shape and be assured of having a beautiful and functional home all through the year. The way in which this can keep your home safe from pests is by making sure that there’s minimal chance of having potential gaps and other spaces through which pests can access your home. If there are any elements in your home that are damaged either by the weather or the wear and tear that results from age, you need to get them fixed as soon as possible. No matter how minimal the damage is, you need to work fast to get it fixed.

It’s a good idea to make sure that you find the right person to do the repairs so that they can do the right job. They should also suggest the right schedule to follow so that you can keep your home in good shape. This will include details such as how often you need to work on various repairs around the house. By doing this, you can save the elements from getting severely damaged and ending up in need of extensive and costly repairs, all while predisposing you to possible infestation.

Garbage Disposal

Something else to add to your pest control maintenance plan is garbage disposal, which will keep your home clean and appealing as well. A number of pests, including rats and cockroaches, thrive in areas that have accumulated garbage in them. This is the reason you want to make sure that any garbage that you accumulate in your house is promptly and correctly disposed of. Without garbage around the house, the environment may not be too attractive for pests to forage for food and reproduce in. That said, if you can recycle properly, you can improve your home’s sustainability to boot.

Start on a clean slate by getting rid of unnecessary clutter around the house, such as items that are broken and those that you no longer use. A weekend or two is all that it would take for you to effectively rid your house of junk, for which you can rent a dumpster. If the items that you want to get rid of can still be useful to someone else, consider holding a garage sale to sell them instead. This will give you some money that can go towards paying for professional waste management in the future or pest control right now.

Roof Repair

Another service to add to your pest control maintenance plan is roof services. That’s because the roof is an expansive element in your home. When it’s in good shape, it can help you to safeguard your entire home from damage by the elements as well as pests. With the help of the right professionals, you can maintain your roof and save it from excessive damage that will leave you with a higher cost to pay at the end of it all.

Don’t forget that your roof is not immortal, but it has a set lifespan after which you’ll need to find reliable roof replacement services to work with. These experts will inspect your roof for damage, letting you know if you can fix it and get good results, or whether you need to replace it entirely. Don’t take too long to make the necessary repairs or replacement, otherwise you risk ending up with a higher cost and a lot more work to do. Learn about the signs of roof damage as well so that you know when to call professionals for their assistance.

Chimney Maintenance

Remember to add chimney repair to your long-term pest control maintenance plan as well. The chimney is one of the possible routes that pests can use to make their way into your home, so treat it as such. When the weather gets extreme, rodents may attempt to climb down your chimney and build their nests in it. Over time, this can leave you with more damage to deal with, as well as the risk that comes with having pests in your home.

Call a chimney sweeper to clean your chimney on a regular basis, and you can catch issues long before they get out of hand. Damage to the chimney such as missing parts and gaps between the connections could make it easier for pests to access your home. That’s why it’s best to work on any damage the moment that it becomes visible, something that will also keep the chimney functioning as it ought to. You may not have to work on an extensive project in the end if you can get this done frequently and the right way, and that’s why this is a great investment for you to make.


Your pest control maintenance plan cannot be complete without the assistance of landscaping professionals. There are many possible areas where pests and rodents can make their nests and get started on turning your home into theirs. From fallen leaves to decomposing grass and more, it’s easy for pests to make a living anywhere they find an accumulation of these. Find a good landscape professional who can help you keep your landscape in great shape. They should also be able to point out the possible issues that you may have to work on so as to keep your home’s exterior pest-free.

One of the things that the landscapers could do to this end is help you with tree removal. Old, decomposing trees can offer the perfect habitat for rodents that will burrow into their roots, bark, and the branches as well. This is the main reason why you should remove any trees that have died as a result of old age or damage. A professional will do a safe and efficient job, ensuring that there’s nothing left over, such as the stump, which could still house pests and rodents.

Window Repair and Replacement

Your home’s windows must be in good shape as well, with all the panes whole and intact and no gaps between the window and its frame. If your windows are damaged, they can allow more than just pests into the house. They can also predispose your home to water damage, which in itself can make the house more welcoming for pests. That said, if your house has had the same windows for decades or there’s severe damage to them, it’s a good idea to look into replacement windows. This is worth adding to your pest control maintenance plan as it can offer you a number of other benefits.

With window replacement, you can upgrade your home’s curb appeal, with newer windows looking impeccable and granting your home a beautiful appearance. This is particularly the case if you choose the right shape and design of windows, so take your time at this point. Remember to ask the professionals who do the job what maintenance the new windows will need in order to keep them in great shape all through. When the job is done professionally, you’ll have a house that’s more appealing and valuable as well.

Water Damage Remediation

It’s no secret that water damage can cost you an arm and a leg to deal with, and so you should hire professionals to help you keep it in check. If you live in an area that’s prone to getting floods, you can benefit immensely from working with emergency flood services. They can help you identify the improvements and upgrades you need to make to your home in order to keep it in the best shape and lower the risk of flood damage from occurring. This is an important addition to your pest control maintenance plan, and one that you can benefit from acting on early on.

If your home has already suffered water damage either from a storm or a plumbing incident, then waste no time in fixing the issue. This can save you from having to look for a mold remediation service, since mold can take hold of your home in a very short time under the right conditions. Your family’s health is also at stake in this case, so you need to make sure you don’t let your home turn into the perfect ground for pests that thrive in wet and humid environments.

Fumigation and Pest Control

Your pest control maintenance plan wouldn’t be complete without hiring a local pest control company to help you in your efforts. This is the best measure to take because local experts will already know the most likely pests to watch out for. They will therefore have a ready plan in place to easily and efficiently safeguard your home from the prominent pests in your area. In addition to getting pests out, the experts can help you to come up with a plan that will keep the chances of an infestation low. This includes telling you the signs that you need to watch out for to know if there’s a pending infestation about to occur as prevention is much better than cure in this case.


As mentioned, water damage can make your home more likely to be ravaged by pests. This makes it a good idea to take care of your home’s plumbing, keeping your home functional and pest-free at the same time. Proper plumbing maintenance and repair services are also important to hire because they’ll help you maintain a continuous flow of fresh water into your home. By fixing leaks and other plumbing issues, these professionals will help keep your home sustainable and your water bills low as well.

Plumbing is an important part of your pest control maintenance plan since it can also ensure that there’s no chance of the water that you use in your home becoming contaminated. This is something that can cause illness if not taken care of. When you have a reliable plumber on call, you won’t have to experience issues such as burst pipes and similar complications. Simply let them know that you need their assistance and they’ll show up to take care of the issue and restore your home to the haven that it’s supposed to be.

Home Exterior Maintenance

Last but not least, you should hire home exterior maintenance services like siding contractors. These experts will keep your home impenetrable by pests as they’ll fix any gaps and cracks that occur on your home’s exterior. Call the professionals as soon as you possibly can the moment that you notice you have damages, or you simply suspect it after a harsh storm in your area. They should inspect the siding and fix any damage that they find. On top of this, the right experts can help you update the curb appeal of your home by cleaning and even repainting the siding.

Look for a good foundation repair company as well if you notice issues like massive cracks or the house no longer having a level floor. The earlier you can call these professionals, the less you may have to spend on repairs to the foundation. You’ll also have a great chance of making sure that no pests find their way into the foundation and start to cause havoc from out of your sight.

These are some of the home services that you need to hire if you want to prevent pest infestations. Make sure that you hire the right professionals since doing so can make it easier to manage pests and get rid of any that may have already made their way into your home. As a result, you can stay happy and healthy, ensuring the same for your family without pests to scare them and spread dirt, fear, and illness.

  • April 9, 2024