A Day in the Life of Your Local Pest Removal Technician

Have you ever wondered what becoming a local pest removal technician would be like? If so, Chris Van is your man. He details the life of a pest removal technician and how their day looks.

According to his video, pest removal technicians might not be what you think. Their job is less than fighting pests every hour of the day and is, instead, more comparable to that of a construction worker.

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While some days are spent removing pests, most are spent planning and gathering the necessary tools.

Once a pest removal technician has identified the type of pest, they must place traps to get the whole infestation strategically. If it’s just one or two critters, then it’s an easier job. However, most pest control jobs do not remove one small critter. Instead, it’s dealing with infestations of bugs.

It’s really interesting watching how his day goes, as it’s not what you’d think. If you want to become a pest removal technician or start your own business, it’s worth a watch. He details all the ins and outs of being a pest control removal technician, even the not-so-fun parts.

This lets you get a good grip on what happens during a workday shift. Just remember that your local pests might be different from his! Hopefully, you’ve found this entertaining and informative.


  • March 13, 2024