The Ugly Truth About Termite Damage and How to Prevent It

Termite damage is something that we may all have to deal with at some point in our lives. it is destructive, frustrating, and it decreases a home’s value. When you are just looking at the studs along the house, if you can move them with ease and you see plenty of dirt popping up everywhere, that’s the termites!

Termites can easily shred down wood that doesn’t have any treatments and there’s also the additional issue of not having pest control come out and provide some sort of termite control service. Pressure-treated wood can help at times but this isn’t going to prevent every termite from finding their way in.

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One of the first barriers to termites is creating a six inch by six inch trench where the pest control specialists can fill the trench with what is called a termiticide. This is where termite control really kicks in! After the termiticide is poured into the trenches around the home, the pest control company will have to come out again and treat all of the new wood in the home to make sure these destructive pests are deterred for a while.


  • February 27, 2024